COVID-19 & Co-op: Work Integrated Learning Through ICTC – Part II

Just last week I welcomed four new students to our lab, thanks in part to subsidies provided through the Work Integrated Learning Digital Subsidy offered through the Internet Communications and Technology Council of Canada via the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program. Today I’m happy to announce the addition of three more.

Jacob Wieler is a Software Engineering student minoring in Mathematics. When he’s not working on software development projects and studying, you’ll likely find him working out, spending time with friends, or playing video games. “I feel co-op is a great opportunity to get some real life experience in my field, and helps me to learn what I do and don’t like so that I’m not surprised once I get into the ‘real world’.”

James Busch is a Computer Science student studying a minor in music, so it will come as no surprise that when he’s not studying, he’s playing guitar or listening to music.

Christopher Kotsopoulos is a software engineering student who loves building projects from scratch. When he isn’t playing soccer or playing Valorant, he’s working on side projects and thinking about starting his own software company. “Having experience coming out of a university program gives me the best opportunity to find a job that fits my future goals.”

Jacob, James, and Christopher will spend the rest of the summer developing tools to support student education in software design courses, modelling diversity in university given policies related to COVID-19, and designing an online game to help teach kids about our food systems.

Welcome to the team!

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