COVID-19 & Co-op: Work Integrated Learning Through ICTC – Part III

The last few weeks have been packed! One reason for this has been the addition of several new members to our research team. In particular, we’ve been onboarding 10 new co-op students to help out with several different projects. All of this has been made possible thanks to subsidies provided through the Work Integrated Learning Digital Subsidy program.

Today I’d like to officially welcome the new members of our research team:

  • Fahad Arif, Software Engineering [3rd year]
  • Karanbir Boparai, Computer Science [4th year]
  • Rishit Desai, Computer Engineering [3rd year]
  • Yajing Huang, Computer Science [4th year]
  • Selina Lall, Biological Engineering [4th year]
  • Lilian Shi, Computer Science [3rd year]
  • Megan Smith, Biological Engineering [4th year]
  • Aaron Doucette, Water Resources Engineering [5th year]
  • Jason Chow, Software Engineering [3rd year]
  • William Swales, Mechanical Engineering [5th year]

Fahad, et al. join Jacob, Chris, and James who joined the team in the 2nd week of June, and Joyce, Danyal, Daniel, and Waqas who joined the team on June 1.

For the rest of the summer these students will be working with me, Dr. Judi McCuaig, Dr. Andrew Hamilton-Wright, and Erin Doherty on a variety of different projects. The projects include, but are not limited to, building and testing immediate feedback tools for use in software design classrooms, developing tools to support foundational and team skills development, and other COVID-19 related projects.

Welcome to the team everyone!

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