Current Students

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The research lab is comprised of a dynamic interdisciplinary group of students and researchers, community, industry, and government partners, as well as community research leads. Membership includes students who are completing their independent study projects and/or theses in Computer Science, and/or Mathematics & Statistics, as well as paid undergraduate research assistants, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

If you are interested in joining the lab, please review the list of available positions before contacting Dr. Gillis.

  • 4900/4910 SoCS1 Students
    • Domenic Bianchi, 4900 (F18^{*})
    • Marshall Asch, 4900 (F18^{*})
    • Jacob Knarr, 4900 (F18^{*})
    • Steven French, 4910 (F18^{*})
    • Ryan Taylor, 4910 (F18^{*})
    • Joel Gascho, 4910 (F18^{*})
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants
    • Brandon Edwards (F18^{*})
    • Patrick Houlding (F18^{*})
    • Joshua Samuels (F18^{*})
  • Graduate Research Assistants 
    • Danielle St. Jean (F18^{*})
    • Nic Durish, SoCS (F17, W18, S18, F18 ^{*})
    • Devin Rose, SoCS (F16, W17, S17, F17, W18, S18, F18^{*})
    • Michael Griffiths, DoMS (S17, F17, W18^{*}) [LOA]
  • MSc Students
    • Danielle St Jean, DoMS^{\dagger}
    • Nic Durish, SoCS^{*}
    • Michael Griffiths, DoMS^{\dagger}
    • Devin Rose, SoCS^{*}
    • John Harmer, SoCS^{\ddagger}
    • Shawn Hind, SoCS^{\ddagger}
    • Braden Gibson, SoCS^{\ddagger}
  • PhD Students/Candidates
    • Hilary Dawkins, PhD Student, SoCS^{\dagger} [Begins January 2019]
    • Ali Nasser Hadwer, PhD Student, SoCS^{*}
    • Ammar Almutawa, PhD Student, SoCS^{\dagger}
    • Jarrett Phillips, PhD Student, SoCS^{*}
    • Jamey Fraser, PhD Student, SoCS^{\dagger}
    • Laura Gatto, PhD Student, SoCS^{\ddagger}
    • Akshay Chadha, PhD Student, SoCS^{\ddagger}
  • Postdoctoral Fellows
    • None
  • Community Research Leads
    • Charlie Flowers
    • Inez Shiwak


1 School of Computer Science
2 Department of Mathematics and Statistics

^{*} advisor
^{\dagger} co-advisor
^{\ddagger} advisory committee