Welcome Mitacs Globalink Summer 2022 Interns

I’m pleased to welcome three students to the School of Computer Science this summer. Jay Patel, Vrushabh Bhagwatkar, and Ekjot Kaur will be joining our lab as Mitacs Globalink interns. During their internships, they will spend their time working with other undergraduate and graduate researchers on a variety of projects.

Jay will be joining us on June 1st, while Vrushabh and Ekjot will join the lab on June 10th and July 14th, respectively. To get to know them better, both Jay and Vrushabh have provided short bios which you can find below.

Jay Patel

I am Jay Patel, and I am currently pursuing my 3rd year in the field of Information and Communication Technology from PDEU, India. I am also a Full Stack Web Developer with intermediate experience gained by working at one of the firms and startups. My interest lies in Web Development, AI/ML, Cybersecurity and Research areas. I have also written 2 research papers and 2 book chapters in this domain. I want to become a successful software engineer who can contribute to the community. I am pretty excited to work under Prof Daniel Gillis for this project which consists of two of my favourite things which are development and research.

Vrushabh Shashikant Bhagwatkar

I am Vrushabh Shashikant Bhagwatkar. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering at Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded, India. My interest lies in the software development field. I am working on technologies like ReactJS, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, React Native, Firebase, Mobile Application Development, and different python libraries. In the future, I want to keep learning new technologies and want to see myself continuously growing in this field. I want my knowledge of software development to be used for the betterment and benefit of society.

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  1. Best wishes to the students and you too, Professor. I too aspire to get this opportunity after 3 years as computer science is also my field of interest😊

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