In late January a new weekly podcast was launched called The School of Batman. The premise: scientists from around the world chat with host Chris George of figshare about their research, and how said research might be used to help Batman save the day.

More specifically, scientists who are interviewed as part of the podcast are given the opportunity to present their research given a story written on the spot by Chris. The story typically has our hero Batman employing scientific know-how (courtesy of the interviewee) to thwart one of the many villains that plague Gotham from carrying out their nefarious deeds.

How do I know this? Because I was asked by Chris in late December if I would be interested in taking part in the inaugural season. Obviously, I said yes.

In my opinion (and yes I realize that I am probably biased), The School of Batman is a clever and fun way to share the great work that scientists around the world are doing. It’s also an opportunity for a researcher to think about their work in a slightly different way – how would Batman use what I’m researching to save the day from evil? 

My interview won’t arrive until the seventh week of the season. I hope you like it. Whatever the case, I feel extremely lucky to be part of this podcast and to be included in such a diverse and excellent group of researchers. I’m also so grateful to Chris for reaching out.

You can check out the podcast on Soundcloud, or search for it in iTunes. The first two episodes are already posted. The full list of episodes is below (with social media or website links for each of the guests).

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