Exploring next-generation devices to improve the educational experience of the visually impaired.

The Sonification and Gesture Control research group (SonG-C) is investigating the use of sonification and gesture control devices to enhance the (mathematical and statistical) education for students, with a particular focus on those who might be visually impaired. Presently the team is developing tools for a pilot study to determine if sonification alone can be used to understand the basic shapes and characteristics of standard mathematical functions. Future work will expand this to scatterplots, histograms, and the like. The work will also explore the utility of combining gesture control devices with sonification to improve the educational experience.

The project is led by Dr. Daniel Gillis and Dr. Denis Nikitenko (Sheridan College)

Related Publications, Presentations, and Posters

  • Nikitenko, D., and Gillis, D. (submitted 2014). Touching the data: exploring data sonification on mobile touchscreen devices. 11th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing.
  • Cook, O., Knoop, R., Possani, H., Gillis, D., and Nikitenko, D. 2014. EnhancingEducation for the Visually Impaired Using Sonification and Gesture Control Devices. CPES Undergraduate Poster Session, Guelph (contributed poster)

SonG-C Team Members

  • Dr. Daniel Gillis (School of Computer Science, Co-PI)
  • Dr. Denis Nikitenko (Sheridan College, Co-PI)
  • Oliver Cook (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Hugo Possani (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Rick Knoop (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Frazer Seymour (Undergraduate Research Assistant)