Working with northern communities to develop a monitoring program that respects and acknowledges the strength, understanding, and knowledge of the Inuit communities of Nunatsiavut.

The eNuk program is a community-led eco-health monitoring program in the town of Rigolet, Labrador.

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eNuk (formerly known by Inukbook, InukSuk, and InukNet) was recently featured on the Canadian Geographic website, the University of Guelph website, and the Labradorian.

Team Members

  • Dr. Sherliee Harper
  • Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo
  • Dr. Daniel Gillis
  • Dr. Jason Ernst
  • Dr. Mark Andrachuk, Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Alex Sawatzky, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Oliver Cook, MSc Student
  • Nic Durish, MSc Student
  • Frazer Seymour, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Charlie Flowers
  • Inez Shiwak
  • Dr. Chris Furgal
  • Dr. James Ford
  • Michele Wood
  • Tom Sheldon
  • The Rigolet Inuit Community Government
  • The community of Rigolet

Previous Members

  • Dominic Gagne
  • Anna Bunce