Using new technology, gamification, and participatory design to change the way we collect data.

There has been a continuing decline in survey participation, response, and completion rates for several decades. These issues affect data quality and data quantity, and have led to challenges for researchers and agencies who require these data for various reasons. Specifically, the costs associated with developing and implementing a survey, as well as the time and effort needed to collect sufficient data to achieve representative data and maintain statistical power have increased significantly.

Given these challenges, there is a need to develop and evaluate tools to facilitate and improve existing data collection methods to ensure the quality and quantity of data. To address data quality and quantity issues, the Alternative Data Collection (ADC) program is exploring several streams of investigation including 1) new technologies, 2) gamification, and 3) participatory methods.

The specific objectives of the Alternative Data Collection program are to

  • develop and evaluate new methods for data collection using web, mobile, and next-generation technologies, while fostering participation, minimizing costs, and improving standard data collection methods through the introduction of gaming elements, real-time incentives and feedback, and participatory methods, and
  • evaluate the quality and quantity of data collected, with specific focus on statistical validity and limitations (e.g. power, representivity, biases, etc.), opportunities for capturing data from traditionally under-represented groups, and identification of the most effective tools or combinations thereof within different application domains.

Team Members

Current ADC Members

  • Dr. Daniel Gillis
  • Nic Durish, MSc student
  • Corey Alexander, MSc student [Graduated]
  • Oliver Cook, MSc student
  • Dominic Gagne, MSc student
  • Mohamed Zayad, MSc student
  • Jamey Fraser, PhD student
  • Ammar Almutawa, PhD student
  • Ali Nasser Hadwer, PhD student
  • Keefer Rourke, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Chris Katsaras, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Current ArcticNet Team

  • Dr. Ashley Cunsolo-Willox
  • Dr. Sherilee Harper
  • Dr. Daniel Gillis
  • Dr. Jason Ernst
  • Mark Andrachuk, Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Frazer Seymour, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Alex Sawatzky, PhD Student
  • Oliver Cook, MSc Student
  • Nic Durish, MSc Student