Welcome to the website and blog of Dr. Daniel Gillis, Associate Professor and Statistician in the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph, Co-founder of Farm To Fork and GuelphHacks, Co-creator of the Ideas Congress (ICON) Transdisciplinary Classroom, and Director of the Physical Science & Engineering Education Research Centre. 


There’s Something About Sedona

Every other year, faculty at the University of Guelph are evaluated by their peers based on an agreement that describes their individual distribution of effort (DOE). This DOE outlines the weights assigned to three specific components of our academic jobs: research, teaching, and service. Most of the faculty follow a 40:40:20 rule, where 40% of their effort is assigned to research, 40% to teaching, and 20% to service.

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Congratulations Nic

Just over a month ago I wrote a short blog post announcing that Nic Durish, MSc Computer Science student, was shortlisted for the Guelph Chamber of Commerce Awards of Excellence. In particular, Nic was selected as one of three finalists for the Young Innovator Award.

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My Academic Family Tree

Despite much of the negativity that seems to fill my various Twitter feeds1, I still find it an incredibly useful tool for scientific communication, community engagement, and social good. And from time to time, it’s extremely entertaining and nerdy.

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Fostering Success & Rewarding Excellence

In 2013, just prior to the launch of the Farm To Fork program, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign that managed to raise almost $16 thousand dollars. The funding was used to support students developing Farm To Fork, through summer undergraduate research assistantships, and travel bursaries to present the program at conferences.

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Student Shortlisted For Ethical Tech Prize

Last September, Keefer Rourke journeyed to Ann Arbor, Michigan to take part in the MHacks X hackathon, an event supported by Major League Hacking. For those not in the know, Major League Hacking helps organize hundreds of hackathons across the US, Canada, and around the world every year.

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