Ph.D. Seminar – Ammar Almutawa

Join us on Friday, March 3 at 11 am (via Zoom) for a seminar by Ph.D. candidate (Computational Sciences), Ammar Almutawa.

You can find the title and abstract for Ammar’s seminar below. If you are interested in attending his seminar, please reach out.

Title: Exploring an Automated Feedback System Framework to Facilitate Instructors’ Self-Assessment


Instructors in higher education face challenges getting feedback about their instructional practices. This research investigates the creation of a framework to provide automated private feedback to instructors. A proof-of-concept experiment demonstrates the potential of automatically providing instructors with feedback about key instructional skills.

This research makes three contributions: a) the identification of essential skills for instructors; b) the design of the AFSI framework; and c) the exploration of data to demonstrate that feedback topics can be automatically determined. The objective of the AFSI feedback is not to judge the instructors’ performance but to provide private and immediate feedback that can help instructors to adjust their practice as the semester progresses.

Advisor: Dr. Judi McCuaig
Co-advisor: Dr. Daniel Gillis
Committee: Dr. Luiza Antonie
Committee: Dr. Andrew Hamilton-Wright

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