Introducing Our CIS3750 Community Partner For Fall 2022

Normally at this time of year, the students in CIS3750 (Systems Analysis and Design in Applications) learn who their community partner will be for the semester. In the past, this has included such awesome partners as the SEED, the First Responders Team, the Guelph Wellington Food Round Table, the Grove Hubs, MealExchange, and more. This year our partner will be a little bit different.

Since 2012, the students in the fall semester of CIS3750 have worked with a not-for-profit or charitable organization, helping to design solutions based on the challenges that the organizations have presented to the class. This worked great prior to the pandemic, or when class was presented remotely.

However, this fall we are back in the class even though the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended. Because of this (and the fact that we have no masking or vaccination mandates on campus), I decided it would be best not to put the front-line workers of our various charitable and not-for-profit organizations at risk. Further, given the significant impact that the pandemic has had on these organizations (e.g. increased demand, decreased donations) coupled with rising costs/inflation, it seemed to me that they might already have their hands full.

With this in mind, I decided that this year’s community partner would be the UofG community itself. Specifically, the students of CIS3750 have been tasked with designing a website/app to document and visualize CO2 (carbon dioxide) readings in classrooms and meeting places on campus. Some of the teams might also develop CO2 monitors that can be placed in classrooms for real-time continuous monitoring.

I’m looking forward to what the students might design. I’m also hopeful that the information that these tools provide will contribute to a safer, healthier campus.

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