Fall Independent Study Opportunities

Undergraduate students at the University of Guelph who are looking to complete independent study projects this fall – this post is for you. I am looking for students to join several different interdisciplinary collaborations.

A full list of projects can be found here, however, I’ve also highlighted a few below. Students can access these projects in a number of ways, including (but not limited to) CIS4900, CIS4910, MATH4600, STAT4600, UNIV3800, UNIV4800, or PSYC4240. I’ve indicated the course code that would most likely support each of the independent projects, but we can also discuss options should you like to use a different code than what is listed.

I’m also open to discussing other project ideas that you might have, however, I will be prioritizing the projects that I’ve listed below.

If you have any questions – feel free to contact me.

CIS4900/CIS4910 students to help collect and analyze data related to the changing cost of conducting science. Specifically, this would involve collecting data on changes in conference costs, scientific materials, etc. – especially in relation to COVID19. These data will be used to determine a “science price index” (similar to the idea of the consumer price index).
CIS4900/CIS4910 students to help collect and analyze data related to research funding opportunities for the scholarship of teaching and learning or learning enhancement across the country. This project will likely require scraping university websites.
CIS4900/CIS4910 students to help develop an online tool to support animal nutrition. Specifically, this will involve converting a large excel spreadsheet into a user-friendly tool. This work is a collaborative effort with Dr. Kate Shoveller (Department of Animal Biosciences).
CIS4900/CIS4910 students to assist with drafting review papers within the Mobile Ad Hoc Network domain. This work will involve assisting with literature reviews, synthesizing information, and co-authoring documents for submission to conferences or academic journals.
CIS4900/CIS4910 students to help design and launch a longitudinal survey to better understand overwork, burnout, and stress for students studying computer science. This will require the development of a Qualtrics survey, a Research Ethics Board application, analysis of data, and drafting of a paper for peer review.
MATH4600/STAT4600 students to conduct a study to evaluate the impact of missing data when latent profile analysis is used to investigate and understand burnout and overwork.

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