Welcome Summer Co-op Students

This summer I’m happy to announce that four new co-op students have joined our lab. Welcome to Brandon, Henry, Khushi, and Ian.

Brandon and Ian are joining the lab as part of #TeamSquirrel – an interdisciplinary team of researchers developing web and mobile tools to support citizen science and investigate its use in supporting experiential learning for undergraduate students. The team includes Zach, a senior student enrolled in an independent study course in computer science (CIS4900), Jayit and MinXiang (the newest Globalink interns), and several students (Nathan and Liz) from the College of Biological Sciences.

Khushi will continue developing the online version of the Feeding 9 Billion card game. Khushi continues the work of several other co-op students who worked on the project last summer and fall.

Finally, Henry will work with David and Arash – two CIS4900 students – as they design and implement several tools to support the work of the University of Guelph’s First Response Team. This is a project that began in the CIS3750 classroom last fall.

Left to right, top to bottom: Ian, Khushi, Brandon, Henry

Once again, I asked each of the students to answer a few questions so that we could get to know them better.

What’s the best thing about Computer Science & Co-op?

Khushi: “The best thing about Computer Science is that it helps us create solutions and technologies to help with global problems, that can be used by people all over the world irrespective of their cultural, social, economic, or geographic backgrounds.”

Ian: “The best thing about computer science is the ability to work anywhere. As long as I have a laptop and wifi I can do work. It makes working much more fun as I can alternate between my desk, coffee shops, and public spaces (assuming it’s safe to social distance) as much as I would like to.”

Brandon: “The best part about computer science is the ability to design and create whatever you want. The fact that I could think of some idea and then go create it is something that is so appealing to me. The best part of co-op is the fact that I have had the opportunity to learn and hone my skills in ways or environments I would have never gotten the chance to be in otherwise.”

Henry: “The best thing about computer science is how it came be used so solve so many problems in the world that are seemingly not related to computer science at all.”

What’s one piece of advice you wish you had before you started university?

Brandon: “A sleep schedule is invaluable. You will not always be able to wake up at 6 am fully energized, especially with all the assignments.”

Henry: “I wish I had known before starting university that “everything will be all right”. Even though there are many times during university that can be very stressful and tough, most of the time it will be fine.”

Ian: “Have a proper work life balance. You’ll be much happier overall if you pace yourself with work and still make time for hobbies and a proper social life. It makes you a better programmer overall as you become a more well rounded person and that will help you solve problems better.”

Khushi: “It’s actually a great time to have fun, explore academic interests, explore Guelph and make lots of new friends not necessarily from within the same program. Time literally flies and in no time, you’ll be an upper-year student with work and an increasing academic load, so you don’t want to regret not having experiences and fun in your first year.”

What do you want to do when you are finished your degree?

Henry: “I’m not exactly sure what I want to do after I finish my degree.”

Khushi: “I look forward to working as a full-stack developer when I am done with my degree. I also intend to get a master’s degree although I am not sure at what point in time after my bachelor’s I would do this.”

Brandon: “During my studies, I have had the opportunity to be a mentor and to teach other people. It made me realize that I would be interested in pursuing teaching after I complete my degree.”

Ian: “When I finish my bachelors at the University of Guelph I plan to get my Masters at another university overseas. Now is the best time to travel as I have few responsibilities and I want to experience as much culture as I can. So I plan to do a masters in either Europe, Japan, or Australia.”

Outside of Computer Science, what’s one thing you are really interested in?

Ian: “I love to cook! I love cooking as it brings people together and you get a delicious meal out of it!”

Khushi: “I really enjoy badminton, going for runs, and listening to a lot of music!”

Henry: “I’m very much still interested in games. Either it be online or board games, I would have fun playing them with friends.”

Brandon: “I have gotten really big into cooking. While I will not claim to be any good, I really enjoy it and have been working on perfecting a few recipes while still experimenting with others.”

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