Congratulations Marshall

I am really excited to announce that Marshall Asch was recently awarded an NSERC scholarship in recognition of his academic accomplishments and his proposed graduate research. Marshall is currently completing his Master’s in Computer Science.

While we’ve known about his award for several months, we weren’t allowed to celebrate it publicly until NSERC had released their formal announcement. The moratorium was lifted this week when I was informed that NSERC decided not to make a public announcement. I have no idea why this decision was made (perhaps the decision is related to the increased workload due to the COVID-19 pandemic?), but at a time when good news is so desperately needed, I feel it was the wrong one. Additionally, all student winners should be celebrated.

Whatever the case, I’m extremely happy to make this announcement. Marshall has been a member of my lab for several years, as well as a committed member of the School of Computer Science community. He has served and continues to serve on numerous departmental committees, he shares his time willingly and freely to mentor junior students, and he is an active member of the Society for Computing and Information Sciences.

Marshall’s research is in the area of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and bridging the digital divide. Specifically, he is investigating the use of mobility models to improve the storage and sharing of data in wireless MANETs. His work will support the use of MANETs to improve connectivity in remote and rural communities in Canada.

Congratulations, Marshall! This is very well deserved, and I couldn’t be prouder.

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