More Fall 2020 Independent Study Opportunities

Earlier this summer I posted several research opportunities for senior students interested in taking CIS4900, CIS4910, MATH4600, or STAT4600. While those projects are still available for interested students, I have several others that are also available.

  • Investigating Diversity in Research: This project will involve the development of several web scrapers that will be used to better understand diversity in university research articles. In particular, scrapers will be used to pull information from articles on faculty-led research posted to Canadian university websites. Information pulled will include faculty name(s), photos (if available), date of posting, and more. The student will also develop scripts to clean and process the data for further analysis. This project is suitable for a CIS4900 or CIS4910 student.
  • Evaluating Algorithms for Estimating Sample Sizes for DNA Barcoding: We seek a motivated and passionate senior undergraduate computer science or mathematics and statistics student to aid in the development, testing, optimization and running of a statistical simulation study to assess the performance of HACSim, an algorithm developed in the R Statistical Environment that is designed to compute likely required sample sizes for DNA barcoding. HACSim is available for download via CRAN. Students interested in this project should be proficient in R and C/C++ as well as Monte Carlo experiments. Students will contribute to the co-authorship of a publication submitted to a biological or statistical journal. This position is appropriate for a student wishing to complete a CIS*4900/4910 undergraduate project/thesis or a MATH4600 or STAT*4600 undergraduate research project.
  • Continue Development on the Online Feeding9Billion Card Game: Over the course of the summer a co-op student began development on the Feeding9Billion card game. The project requires further work to finalize several game play aspects, and the user interface needs to be more fully developed. The physical card game has been distributed around the world to teachers who are looking to provide food systems education to students of all ages. The online tool will extend the distribution of the game. This project is suitable for one or more CIS4900 and/or CIS4910 students.
  • Continue Development on an Online Card Game for Foundational Skills Training: Over the summer a team of co-op students and volunteers began development on a tool that has been used in CIS3750 as well as in many other courses on campus. The game – called Oxygen Poker – is almost done, however, several updates are required. This includes improvements to the user interface, and changes to allow multiple users to play the game together. The preliminary tool will be used in CIS3750 this fall. As such, user feedback will be collected to help further inform the design and implementation of the tool. This project is suitable for one or more CIS4900 and/or CIS4910 students.
  • Science Communication: A student working on this project would be assisting with the development of academic papers for peer-review, as well as translating this work for consumption by different audiences. This could include writing/developing blog posts, videos, social media posts, pamphlets, etc. The student would be required to identify best practices based on the literature, and develop a plan for sharing information. The student would also help develop a knowledge mobilization strategy for the lab. This project is suitable for one or more CIS4900 students, or students from another discipline interested in science communication.
  • Develop Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science Tools for CIS4020: To facilitate learning in CIS4020 and to reduce the cost of textbooks, a student will help collect and test/evaluate available or co-author new open educational resources and materials for students studying Data Science. This includes developing coded examples, question banks, written materials, videos, and Git runners for immediate feedback. While this job is suitable for one or more students in CIS4900 or CIS4910, some training in mathematics (MATH1160), statistics (STATS2040), data science (CIS4020), or related courses is required. Students should also have experience coding in either R or Python.

Of course, I’m always open to chatting with any student about their own ideas for these courses. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more or would like to work with us this fall semester.

For students looking to register for any of these (or other) independent study courses this fall, please note that all of them will be delivered in an online format. You can find more information about that here and here.

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