A New Role

Last week it was officially announced that I have joined the University of Guelph’s Annual United Way Campaign as Faculty Co-chair. I am excited to join such an incredible team of people who bring the annual campaign to life, and I know that I’m going to learn a lot from them.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, the sad reality is that it has disproportionately affected folks in our community who were already marginalized in some way. And although the full impact of the pandemic won’t be known for some time, it’s very clear that there is substantial need to help those in our community who have been most affected.

Of course, it probably comes as no surprise that this year’s campaign is going to be a little bit different than what folks on campus have come to expect. As I wrote in a previous post to my students, different doesn’t mean bad. In fact, I think this year we have a unique opportunity to make a huge difference. And based on what I know of our campus community, I have no doubt that we will.

Yes, this year’s campaign is going to be different, but all the more reason to come together to help our community. When the time comes and if it’s within your ability to donate, please do.

Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to work with and co-chair this inspiring team. I look forward to an amazing campaign.

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