MSc Seminar – Marshall Asch

Join us today for an MSc Seminar by Marshall Asch. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, Marshall will be presenting his talk online today at 4:00 pm using Zoom.

If you want to join the meeting, please message me and I will send you an invite over email.

Title: Incorporation of Human Mobility in Data Replication Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Data storage is a critical component of most applications. In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), the data must be replicated and stored on nodes within the network in order to maintain content availability when nodes go offline. Unlike in traditional networks which typically use a client-server model, distributed and fault tolerant peer-to-peer replication schemes must be used to provide data availability in MANETs. This is due to the highly mobile nature of the nodes in a MANET, where nodes can be thought to represent individual humans carrying a mobile device. As a result, they exhibit the same mobility and contact patterns as the people who carry them.

Given the linkage of characteristics of human mobility and connection patterns between mobile nodes, and the effective use of this information in closely related fields, we believe that by incorporating this information into socially aware replication schemes we will improve content availability. This could also make it feasible for useful applications to be developed on top of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

This Master’s thesis will investigate the impact of social interactions on the availability of data within Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using both socially aware and unaware replication schemes. The goal of the research is to determine if explicitly accounting for the users’ social interactions and mobility does in fact improve the overall effectiveness of the replication technique.

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