Statistics In A Time Of Crisis: COVID-19 Data Sources

If you are like me and you use statistics and data to help you better understand the world, you’re probably spending your spare time analyzing whatever data you can get your hands on.

To help out, I thought I would create this post to provide a list of data sources that you might find useful. I cannot guarantee the quality of the data, so use them with appropriate caution.

  • – updated several times a day. Includes daily counts of total cases, new cases, total deaths, new deaths, total recovered, active cases, serious/critical cases, and total cases per million population by country, and in some cases, by province or state. Given how quickly data are coming in, the new case data can be quite variable. Days end at midnight GMT+0.
  • – Updated at least daily. Data include total number of confirmed cases, probable cases, and deaths by province/territory. The page also includes data on the total number of tests given in Canada, and of these, how many were positive or negative. Older data can be gleaned using the WayBack Machine.
  • – Updated twice a day. The data include only new cases (pending and confirmed) of COVID-19, along with the age group and gender, public health unit, likely transmission, and current status for each case. Older data can be gleaned using the WayBack Machine. These data are also being compiled here.
  • – Case counts, maps, and more – all specific to cases of COVID-19 in Alberta.
  • John Hopkins – Updated each day. Includes daily CSV files of total confirmed cases, total deaths, total recovered, latitude, and longitude per country, and in some cases, province or state. The data are used to update this dashboard. Data are pulled from numerous sources and updated once per day around 23:59 UTC.
  • Epidemiological Data from the COVID-19 Outbreak in Canada – A collection of publically available COVID-19 data specific to Canada. Includes individual cases (province, age group, gender, health region, date of report, travel information, and more), deaths, and recovered. The data support this visualization.
  • COVID-19 in Ontario – These data are updated twice daily, and I believe they are pulled from and
  • COVID-19 Canada – Another dashboard with visualizations of the data, and links to other Canadian and international resources. There is also a great list of Provincial and Territorial links provided.
  • Our World In Data – A visualization of the total number of COVID-19 tests performed per million people by country. You can add other countries to the list using the + Add Country option listed just below the last country in the plot. I’m not sure if these data are being updated – but the most recent data seem to be from March 20th.
  • COVID TW – An array of visualizations related to COVID-19 cases in Taiwan. The network graph here is particularly cool.
  • Worldwide Growth Rates – data and visualizations updated regularly by Dr. Mark Handley.

There is also a fantastic epidemic calculator here that allows you to change the various pandemic parameters (such as the R_{0} value, transmission time, infection time, etc.) to determine their impact on the total number of people infected, recovered, and dead. The main image of this post comes from that site.

I’ll add more data sources as I find them. And feel free to share those you’ve found with me via the comments.

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