Qualifying Exam Presentation – Ali Al Hadwer

Join us February 24th in Reynolds 1101 for the qualifying examination of PhD student, Ali Al Hadwer. The public presentation of his PhD proposal will take place at 1:00 pm, followed by the formal examination period.

Title: The Organizational Factors Influencing the Adoption and Usage of Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics in Education Institutes: The Case of Saudi Arabia.


Cloud-based Big Data Analytics (CBDA) is an emerging application of Business Intelligence (BI), and its successful adoption in the higher education sector leads to valuable outcomes that improves teaching, learning, research, and policy. Yet, CBDA use in this sector for informed decision making is falling behind compared to the business sector. Like and new innovation, full capabilities of CBDA can be reached if its adoption factors are identified. This is a case study research, in the intersection of computational science and management, to uncover the technical and non-technical factors that affects the adoption, acceptance and use of CBDA in the education sector of Saudi Arabia.

Examination Committee:

Chair: Dr. Joseph Sawada
Advisor: Dr. Dan Gillis
Advisory Committee: Dr. Davar Rezania [Economics]
External: Dr. Judi McCuaig
External: Dr. Denis Nikitenko

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