Congratulations Nic

Congratulations to Nic Durish, MSc Computer Science student, who was recently announced as the recipient of the 2018/2019 School of Computer Science Teaching Assistant Award. Nic was nominated for his continued contributions to teaching, learning, and leadership in the School.

I have had the pleasure of working with Nic for many years now – both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student. In all that time, Nic has constantly shown himself to be a patient and empathetic mentor and teaching assistant. He fosters student learning, critical thinking, and personal growth by connecting with students using his own experiences. He embodies the qualities of an excellent teacher, mentor, and peer. And he continues to be instrumental in facilitating and managing relationships with community partners both in CIS3750 and as part of our research programs. In this way, Nic has been able to provide students not only with computer science advice, but lessons in how to work successfully with real-life clients. Over the last few years, Nic has brought this same passion and skill to Northern Lights Academy in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, where he has crafted several computer science and tech workshops for their students.

Congratulations Nic. I’m incredibly proud, and I can’t think of a more deserving candidate.

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