Qualifying Exam Presentation – Jamey Fraser

Join us July 25th in Reynolds 1101 for the qualifying examination of PhD student, Jamey Fraser. The public presentation of his PhD proposal will take place at 10:00 am, followed by the formal examination period.

Title: Investigating student self-efficacy and engagement using automated feedback


Increased classroom sizes have diminished educators’ ability to provide students with personalized attention and educational support. Online courses can eacerbate these challenges with larger student numbers, a reduction in course-structure, and the lack of timely personalized feedback. Automated assessment systems enable students to practice and receive timely feedback without grading penalties, which could reinforces studets’ theretical knowledge, confidence, and engagement while minimizing educator marking overload.

The goal of this research is to explore the relationships between students’ characteristics and behaviours within on online automated assessment system. Our research has developed an educational platform for an online automated assessment called IFS. The investigation will examine the categorization for IFS users and will identify significant trends relating to student’s course performance, experience, and learning patterns.

Examination Committee:

Chair: Gary Grewal
Advisor: Judi McCuaig
Co-Advisor: Dan Gillis
External: Denis Nikitenko
External: Gary Umphrey

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