And That’s A Wrap

After many months of planning, Guelph’s first ever Pint of Science came to a close on Wednesday night with two outstanding talks about beer and bubbles by Marvin Dyck and Dr. Joanne O’Meara. By the time I got home on Wednesday evening, I was exhausted but extremely happy.

Having had a few days to decompress since Wednesday, and an afternoon or so to review the feedback that those in attendance provided, I can’t help but feel incredibly satisfied with how everything unfolded. All told, the feedback was nothing but positive. Guelph clearly loves its science, and is demanding more!

How much more? Well, I have a list of more than 100 different suggested presentation topics for next year’s Pint of Science festival. From artificial intelligence, beer on mars, black holes, and Indigenous health, to Lyme disease, monarch migration, space, and science in literature, the recommendations are diverse and incredibly interesting. We even have several requests for Dr. Jane Goodall to give a talk, but I’m not going to promise that!

Regardless, the 2020 Pint of Science Guelph organizing team definitely has their work cut out for them. But fear not – this is a task we happily accept. In fact, we’ll be meeting in the next few weeks to reflect on this year’s events, and to begin planning what’s next – so stay tuned for more information!

Whatever happens next year, I want to thank everyone who came out to one of Guelph’s Pint of Science venues. By the time the dust had settled, more than 320 of you joined us for at least one of the talks. Even better, you managed to donate more than $600 in support of Guelph Wellington Women In Crisis. Amazing! I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better response, especially since this was the first time we’ve held this event in Guelph.

I’m sure, however, that the turn out was completely due to the incredible line up of speakers we had each night spanning biology, physics, art, philosophy, brewing, food insecurity, computer science, and more. Thank you again to each of our speakers – Dr. Phil Loring, Dr. Alex Sawatzky, Dr. Andrea LaMarre, Dr. Bob Hanner, Dr. Kieran O’Doherty, Becca Clayton, Dr. Christina Smylitopoulos, Dr. Jason Ernst, Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs, Brandon Edwards, Marvin Dyck, and Dr. Joanne O’Meara. You truly made this event special. Thank you for sharing your stories and your expertise, and for fielding so many questions from those in attendance. It was inspiring to witness, especially seeing everyone so engaged.

Of course, these talks wouldn’t have been possible without excellent venues to host them. Thank you to Brothers Brewery, Baker Street Station, Red Brick Cafe, The Albion, Royal Electric, and Wellington Brewery for opening up your doors to celebrate science in this great city. And an extra special thank you to Marvin, Karyn, and the amazing folks at Wellington and Wellington’s Queen of Craft for collaborating with the local Pint of Science team to create the only beer brewed in Canada specifically for Pint of Science – the Brain Storm IPA.

Thank you also for the support from the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences, the College of Arts, the Ontario Veterinary College, the College of Social and Applied Human SciencesFood From Thought, the Downtown Guelph Business Association, the Arrell Food Institute, and the national team at Pint Of Science Canada. These events were so much easier to organize and manage thanks to your contributions.

Finally, I want to thank our Pint of Science volunteers and the organizing team for all of their efforts leading up to, during, and after the events. I can’t thank you enough for the work you did to make each event special and so smoothly run. It was an incredible pleasure working with each of you. To Melissa, Alex, and Amber – thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with.

While Guelph’s Pint of Science 2019 festival has officially come to an end, this is definitely not the end of Pint of Science Guelph. The festival returns May 11-13, 2020 – so be sure to save the date now.

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