The Evolution Of My Course Outlines – Part II

Last September I wrote about The Evolution Of My Course Outlines after reading a friend’s shared post on Facebook. In particular, I described how I would modify my course outlines to accommodate parents who might need to bring their children to the classroom. Today I’ve opted to evolve my course outlines once more.

The new change follows a fantastic and eye-opening discussion that was led by Tommy Mayberry just before the fall semester came to a close. The talk was titled Gender Pronouns & Teaching and was part of the Physical Science & Engineering Education Research Centre’s 2018/2019 seminar series, Inclusivity in STEM.

While the talk was highly informative and full of great advice, there were several things that Tommy mentioned that I realized I could implement immediately. This included, among other things, adding my own pronouns (in this case, he/him/his) to my website and to my course outlines. It’s a small change, but one that I hope will allow my students to know that their gender identity – should they choose to share it with me – is important and respected.

Beyond this, Tommy’s talk also got me thinking more about how I might approach the ideas of diversity and representation in my course notes, slides, assignments, quizzes, and exam questions. I haven’t sorted exactly how I’m going to integrate these ideas as of yet, but I have a few floating in my head. Of course, any suggestions are always welcome.

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