CEPS Undergraduate Poster Session

Yesterday the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences hosted the Annual Undergraduate Poster Session. The event is held at the end of the summer semester to showcase undergraduate research projects.

While I don’t know for sure, it seems to me that this year’s event was even larger than last. The School of Computer Science was also well represented, with eight posters spanning community-engaged scholarship, to new technology in agriculture, and simulation studies to support species identification.

Five of my students took part in the event:

  • Patrick Houlding, Evaluating the Digital Divide in Canada,
  • Steven French, Estimating sampling size using haplotype accumulation curves and semiparametric models,
  • Joel Gascho & Joshua Fontanna, The process of utilizing community-engaged software development in the creation of an engaging medication reminder app,
  • Frazer Seymour, Developing an instant messaging platform beyond the digital divide, and
  • Joshua Fontanna & Joel Gascho, A review of social gamification techniques for the development of a mobile medication adherence app.

Their posters summarized ongoing work related to the eNuk health and environment monitoring app, as well as the development of a community-engaged mobile application which will be used to encourage medical adherence for young adults supported by Community Living Cambridge, and a project exploring the quantification of species diversity through novel sample size estimation approaches.

The top computer science poster was awarded to Kassidy Marsh, who has been working with Dr. Stacey Scott on Identifying opportunities for emerging technologies to monitor animal health and welfare in outdoor farm habits. 

Congrats to all involved, and congrats to Kassidy on her win.

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