MSc Thesis Defence – Ross Kett

Join us August 10th for the MSc defence of Mathematics Master’s student, Ross Kett. Ross will defend his thesis in the Summerlee Science Complex, room 1511 at 10 am.

Title: Theoretical Exploration of a Non-cooperative Dual Management Fishery: Expanded Application of a Non-generalized Socio-Economic Model


Our goal was to determine the effect that two distinctly different fisheries’ management strategies have on a single population of Lake Whitefish in Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. A model was chosen after careful examination of extensive historical developments in fisheries science, social science, and, economics. A system of three differential equations, with stochasticity, are presented. They are an extension from a single management system into a dual management system. We analyzed the existence, and, stability of solutions to this system of differential equations. Numerical simulations are then given for a case study between the Saugeen-Ojibway, and, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The simulations provided great insight towards understanding how two independent managements can “interact” on a single resource. Our results indicate that it is possible for coexistence between these two fisheries, as well as the Lake Whitefish, over a time span of 100 years, even in the absence of cooperation.

Examination Committee:

Chair: Dan Ashlock
Co-Advisor: Daniel Gillis
Advisory Committee Member: Kim Levere
Non-Advisory Committee Member: Steve Gismondi



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