Congratulations Keefer


Hot off the presses, Keefer Rourke and his team have just been announced as the winners of the Ethical Tech Initiative. Keefer was listed as a top 20 finalist earlier in June.

The full announcement, as well as Keefer’s submission, can be found here.

I first met Keefer during his very first semester at the University of Guelph during one of the bi-weekly meetings of the GCC. During the meeting, Keefer gave a short talk on Tokumei – an anonymous social networking platform that he and a friend had developed. Based on this, I asked him to drop by to chat with me and Dr. McCuaig about potential opportunities. Since then, he has been an invaluable member of the Immediate Feedback System, and the eNuk – Health and Environmental Monitoring Program teams.

In the past year, Keefer has also received the Jay Majithia Award in Computer Science, and funding to attend the PyCon2017 conference in Montreal. You can also check out one of his talks – Doom, Gloom, and the Internet – that he presented at StarCon, below.

Congratulations Keefer. This is such an incredible accomplishment.


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