Reflections On The Big Land

Next week I’m going to be doing something that I’ve never done before. Specifically, I’m going to be standing among the various prints of the University of Guelph’s Bachinski/Chu Print Study Collection (housed in Zavitz Hall), speaking about a work by London-borne Canadian artist Ed Bartram, as part of the In the Gallery With…speaker series.

I chose Bartrams’ print, titled Spring Sans Souci, because it immediately invoked memories within me of my experiences in Northern Canada. Much like the lands of Nunatsiavut, Nunavut, and Labrador, the print seemed to hint at a wisdom that rests quietly under the snow, within the very core of the land that I’ve come to love so much. Because of that, I’ve decided to title my talk Reflections on the Big Land. While I’ll provide a brief overview of how I managed to find myself working in remote Indigenous communities in Northern Canada, the bulk of the presentation will focus on the impact these experiences have had on my teaching, my research, and my life.

If you have the time, please join me March 14th, 2018 at 11:00 am in room 202 of the Zavitz Building.

ITG_Gillis_March 14.jpg


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