The Wandering Professor

It’s hard to believe that the fall 2017 semester is nearly half over; six weeks have come and almost gone, and six weeks remain before the final exam period begins.

It has been an extremely busy year and semester. Since September I have found myself in Vancouver for meetings with, travelling to Dalian, China to give an invited talk, spending an extended weekend in Toronto for the Ontario Universities Fair, and flying to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador to take part in a panel discussion on the eNuk health and environment monitoring app, and to present mobile mesh technologies as a means of addressing connectivity issues in the North as part of the Northern Rural and Remote Health Conference.

The latter half of the semester is no less busy. Specifically, in a week I’ll return to Labrador with my colleague, Dr. Jason Ernst, as well as my grad student, Nic Durish. We’re going to spend a few days in Happy Valley-Goose Bay before we head to Rigolet the morning of the 31st to continue working with the community to establish a mobile mesh network. We also have plans to visit the school to chat about computer science with the grade 8 and grade 9 students.

Following our time in Rigolet, Nic, Jason, and I will make our way to Halifax to attend the Big Data Congress, where I will be part of an invited panel discussion on the use of Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the domain of food security. I love Halifax, so I’m eager to spend a few days there again.

Only 10 days after returning from Halifax, I’ll be heading back east to attend the Creative Connections Conference to give a two-hour workshop on transdisciplinary education and the ICON project, but not before I present as part of an invited panel at the Council of Ontario Universities’ Experiential Learning Best Practices Exchange. In particular, I’ll be chatting with several other folks to discuss experiential learning best practices as it relates to STEM education at the undergraduate level.

To round out the semester, I’ll be heading to Quebec City for the 2017 ArcticNet Meeting with the Rigolet team. I’m not sure if I’ll be presenting at ArcticNet as of yet, but we have submitted a number of abstracts for consideration.

All told, it’s been a hectic semester with a lot of stuff going on. Fortunately, it’s been mostly fun even though managing the travel while teaching has provided a new set of challenges. Add in the fact that I don’t currently have a massive whiteboard to track all of my projects (as I did in my office which is currently undergoing renovations), and I’m just happy that I haven’t yet completely forgotten to do something.

At least I don’t think I have.


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