Undergraduate Poster Session

On Friday several of my students took part in the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences Undergraduate Poster Session. The event, held annually, is an opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase the research they’ve been doing over the summer.

This year I had six different students take part in the event, including Keefer Rourke, Brandon Edwards, Chris Katsaras, Ryan Lafferty, Patrick Houlding, and Ling Zhu.

Keefer just completed his first year in computer science and has been working with Jamey Fraser – a PhD student – to develop an immediate feedback system to help improve the student educational experience.

Brandon Edwards is a co-op student who is modelling anthropogenic effects on an endangered bird species (the piping plover). Brandon had to rush back to Guelph from Lansing Michigan on Friday morning (where he was attending the American Ornithological Society Conference) to present his poster at the event. He won Best Poster for the School of Computer Science (congrats Brandon).

Chris Katsaras is in his final year of study and has spent the summer working with Dr. Leah Levac and Dr. Lisa McMurtry to develop visualizations to improve user engagement with an online survey in NunatuKavut, Labrador. The survey seeks to gather information on various aspects of wellness to inform the Community Vitality Index.

Ryan Lafferty has been working with a local tech company exploring big data sets and methods for visualizing data. The goal is to provide useful visualizations to support decision making.

Patrick Houlding, also known as the President of SoCIS, spent the summer investigating Machine Learning and emotional responses. His goal is to use machine learning to understand the emotional context of speech, improving human computer interactions.

Finally, Ling Zhu is an exchange student from Dalian Nationalities University. He’s spent the summer developing a simulation using cellular automata to investigate the effect of autonomous cars on traffic flows.

Congrats to all of the students who took part in the event.



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