MSc Seminar – Dominic Gagne

Join us April 13 from 5:00 pm-6:00 pm in MacKinnon Room 312 for a seminar by my MSc student, Dominic Gagne.

Details about his presentation, including the abstract, can be found below.


Selection of Appropriate Techniques for the Personalization of Software Systems Based on Characteristics of Available User Data


User Modelling is a ubiquitous task in the domain of Human Computer Interaction.  The process encompasses the creation and maintenance of software representations of users, user interests and preferences, or user knowledge.  User Modelling has been extensively applied to recommender systems, intelligent tutoring systems, and personalized search, and it provides the basis for the personalization of a plethora of software systems.  There exist a wide variety of modelling methods, each of which requires a specific type of input data and various accompanying statistical techniques with which input data can be analyzed. From these analyses, information can be extracted that subsequently facilitates the implementation of a system that provides personalization of user experiences.  This research will present a framework that will allow for the selection of an appropriate User Modelling technique for the personalization of software systems based of the available characteristics of user data.  We aim to test the practicality and capability of the framework by applying it to a Dell EMC data set.

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Gillis
Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Judi McCuaig



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