Guelph Hacks: The Results

I’m currently sitting in the Halifax airport awaiting my flight to Goose Bay on my way to Rigolet. I’m still rather exhausted from the weekend, but I’m also extremely happy and proud of the students who came together to build solutions to support positive mental health on campus during this weekend’s Guelph Hacks for Mental Health hackathon.

The ideas presented over the course of the weekend were really remarkable. From websites devoted to building community, bots created to chat with students who might need some help, to the use of machine learning to identify at-risk students, the Guelph Hacks participants worked to build solutions that would target students before they reached crisis state.

At the end of the weekend, the judges decided to award 4 cash prizes of $500, $1000, $2000, and $4000 to the 4th through 1st place teams, respectively. The top prize went to School of Computer Science students Matt Sampson, Dave Hudec, and Sean Lunt for their app called Guelph Cares. The app was designed to allow students to connect with people who have experience in mental health management that matches the student’s needs (including peers who have received mental health training through the Student Support Network on campus, or professionals in the mental health domain). A full list of winners is provided below.

A huge thank you to our panel of judges:

  • Dr. Graham Taylor, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering
  • Dr. Judi McCuaig, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science
  • Dr. John Beaton, Associate Professor, Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
  • Dr. Margaret Lumley, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology
  • The Reverend Jonh Borthwick, Minister, St. Andrew’s Church
  • Matt Anstett, Senior Manager, Inbox Marketer
  • Meredith Gardiner, Director, Canadian Mental Health Association Wellington-Waterloo

Prizes were awarded to:

  • 1st place and $4000 awarded to Matt Sampson, Dave Hudec, and Sean Lunt for Guelph Cares
  • 2nd place and $2000 awarded to Dema Abu Adas, Aseel Mohamed, and Bilal Ayyache for Maebot
  • 3rd place and $1000 awarded to Justin Carvalho and Rebecca Logan for Talk To Me
  • 4th place and $500 awarded to Sanket Joshi and Faizan Haider for GryphConnect

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