Fundraising Campaign

On December 1 (a.k.a. Giving Tuesday), the Farm To Fork fundraising campaign launched.

Since 2012, I have worked with students in the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph, and various community partners to develop tools to help address food insecurity in the City of Guelph, and beyond.

In 2012 and 2013 the students worked with co-founder Danny Williamson, the Guelph Food Round Table and Food Access Working Group, and Guelph’s emergency food providers to develop Farm To Fork – a website that links people who can donate food to the real-time needs of food banks and food pantries, to improve the quality and quantity of food donated.

In 2014 the students worked with the Guelph Community Health Centre to develop programs for the Garden Fresh Box program – a program that brings fresh local fruits and veggies to people who need it.

This year the students worked with the national charitable organization Meal Exchange to develop tools for their Trick Or Eat campaign. This campaign – which runs in Canada and the US – sees thousands of university students collecting food for the emergency food system during Halloween.

Currently we are trying to raise $5000 to support the many students who volunteer hundreds of hours to get these programs up and running, often in lieu of taking on full-time jobs during the summer months that would normally cover their tuition. The funds that are donated to this campaign go directly to student resources: stipends, computer equipment, web fees, and travel for meetings, training, and presentations. The goal is to raise $5000. The bonus – for the month of December, the Dean of the College of Physical and Engineering Sciences at the University of Guelph has promised to match whatever we raise – up to $5000. That means every dollar you donate will actually count as two. 

In less than a week we’ve raised over $1700 thanks to community members and local businesses who recognize the work the students are doing. If you can, please donate to the campaign by clicking hereThe work the students are doing is nothing short of amazing, and their projects will help ensure that every person has access to healthy food. 

If you can, please also share this campaign within your networks.

I’ve included a couple of videos below that describe Farm To Fork and the Trick Or Eat projects:

“In a world of plenty, no one – not a single person – should go hungry” ~ Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General



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