Startup Weekend Guelph Returns

Once again I’m helping to organize Startup Weekend Guelph. If you weren’t able to take part last year, you should definitely sign up for this year’s bigger and better event.

The event will take place during the weekend of August 28-30. Festivities begin at 6:30pm on Friday, and won’t end until 6pm Sunday. Yes, you will need coffee. Yes, you will meet a lot of new people. Yes, we will have access to awesome mentors to help guide you through the process of taking your idea and making it a viable new business. Yes, you will spend countless hours developing said viable business. But most of all, yes, you will have an amazing time.

For those on the fence, consider that participation comes with a rather swanky SWAG bag. Not enough? Well, fully expect breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Note, we’ll also have water and tea if coffee isn’t your thing. And of course, we’re also planning to give out prizes throughout the weekend, including some pretty sweet first, second, and third place prize packages to the winning teams.

If you still need more information, or if you want to register for the event, then click here.



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