Elevator Project Success

Last night I joined the Farm To Fork team, as well as some of the students involved in the Sustain-A-Bin and Garden Fresh Box projects. I’m pretty excited to say that all three projects received Elevator Project investments.

Farm To Fork and Sustain-A-Bin were both awarded $1500 in mentorship, while the Garden Fresh Box program was awarded $4000 in funding to help finalize the website and mobile apps. Thanks again to the Elevator Project, and to all of the community partners, community members, and investors who continue to support student led initiatives that make Guelph the amazing city that it is.

Farm To Fork

Every person deserves access to healthy food. Farm To Fork is working to make this belief a reality by helping improve the connection between emergency food providers and their donors. Using http://www.farm-to-fork.ca, emergency food providers can list the exact foods they need at any given time. Donors can then make donations knowing the right food is getting to those who need it. The system updates in real time so the right needs are always being met. We want to make Farm To Fork free to anyone who needs it. Help Farm To Fork make healthy food a reality for all.

Garden Fresh Box

Garden Fresh Box (GFB) is a not-for-profit program that brings healthy local food to people in the community who need it. In 2014, 3rd year students from the School of Computer Science at UofG partnered with the GFB to develop a web and mobile app to help facilitate this program. These apps will make it easier for the organization to feed families, and will provide a portal for concerned citizens to pre-purchase food for those in need. We’re looking for funding to support the students who continue to build the apps.


Sustain-a-bin is an autonomous composting bin which will be implemented in cafeteria’s that utilize reusable dishes and dish carousels. The Sustain-a-bin will be equipped with an internal micro-computer, scale, wifi module and display. As consumers finish their meals and dispose of their unfinished food, the bin will the display the weight of their waste as well as the cost associated with that quantity of food. It will also display the total weight and cost of the accumulated organic waste of the entire establishment for the day. The Sustain-a-bin will encourage food waste reduction and provide valuable data for research initiatives.


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