URA Position Available: Touching The Curve

I’m currently looking for an undergraduate student for a summer 2015 URA position. The job is a full time position beginning in May and lasting until August. The project description is below. Students must first fill out a Financial Needs Assessment form. Full application details, and links to the necessary forms can be found by clicking here.

Project Details:

NextGen devices (such as the Leap Motion and the MYO Armband) and touch devices (such as smart phones and tablets) are changing the way users interact with computers. They are also providing new avenues for those in our population who may be visually impaired to access, mentally visualize, comprehend, and manipulate data, as well as mathematical and statistical concepts. This summer, an Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) will join a team of researchers working to explore the utility of NextGen and touch devices to facilitate and improve the educational experience of the visually impaired. The URA will work to pair various devices with auditory cues (known as sonification) to allow the user to interact with data, functions, and other mathematical/statistical constructs. The URA will also develop code to measure the ability of the user to learn the concepts, and to track the user experience.


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