Team Cozy - winner of the grand prize at #FoodHack14
Team Cozy – winner of the grand prize at #FoodHack14

This weekend’s Food Waste Hackathon was a blast. Students from across campus came together to develop solutions to quantify, reduce, or eliminate food waste on campus (and beyond); all part of the larger initiative of the Feeding Nine Billion program.

Student solutions ranged from apps that would help event organizers share food, to apps that would keep people up to date with food about to expire in their homes, to apps that would allow users to geo-tag dumpsters whenever they found viable foodstuffs inside.

The winning team – Team Cozy – developed a composting system that could be used to track individual and campus wide waste, while providing users with a summary of wasted dollars. Their system could also be extended to help reduce and quantify other types of waste such as papers and recyclables, and could easily be expanded to other schools, cafeterias, etc.

Thank you to the students for coming out and being amazing. And of course, a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making this event a success. Thank you to all of our judges, and thank you to the following businesses and groups for providing support, prizes and swag for #FoodHack14:

  • McConnell Foundation
  • Trudeau Foundation
  • Google
  • HackerNest
  • Sweet Temptations Bakery
  • Wellington Brewery
  • Muskoka Brewery
  • Royal City Brewery
  • Terri Rowan, RMT
  • CBaSE
  • Farm To Fork
  • The Food Institute
  • The School of Computer Science
  • The College of Physical & Engineering Sciences
  • Soup Sisters & Broth Brothers Guelph
  • The Works
  • Ouderkirk & Taylor
  • Wellington Cakes
  • The Brass Taps

Finally, for those of you who couldn’t make it out to this event please stay tuned – we’re already planning #FoodHack15.


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