Food Waste Hackathon – Update

The Food Waste Hackathon is almost here. Have you registered yet? If not, you can do so here.

Why should you get involved? Food Banks Canada has just released Hunger Count 2014, and the stats aren’t good. More than 841,000 Canadians required the assistance of food banks this past March – up 1% from 2013, and up a stunning 25% from 2008. Of those households where help was needed, almost half were single-person households.

Sadly, while more and more people need help, as a society we continue to throw away upwards of 40% of all food we produce. There is clearly a disconnect. We need better solutions to make sure that no one goes hungry. That is why we need you. We need new ways of thinking, new ways of making sure food isn’t wasted, new ways of making sure that healthy food is on every plate and in every bowl.

Get involved – sign up today by clicking here. Registration is free.

For those of you who have been sitting on the fence trying to decide whether or not to register, consider this – the winning team is going to walk away with $1000. We also have two $300 runner-up prizes, plus some awesome things to hand out throughout the weekend, including prizes from

Muskoka Brewery

Royal City Brewery

Wellington Brewery

Terri Rowan, RMT

Patrick Stiles, RMT


Raspberry Pi

The Bookshelf

Sweet Temptations Bakery

Farm To Fork

Soup Sisters & Broth Brothers

And more!


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