Myo My! Summer URA Position Available

Summer URA Position Available
Summer URA Position Available

Attention undergraduate students. I’m currently looking to hire an undergraduate research assistant for the 2014 summer semester to investigate the use of the Myo Armband for enhancing the learning of visually impaired students. The project – known as Myo My! Enhancing Education With Gesture Control – is described below.

Thalmic Labs based in Kitchener, Ontario has developed the award-winning Myo Armband – an interactive gesture control device worn on the upper forearm. The device allows a user to wirelessly control a computer by measuring and interpreting the electrical impulses in the user’s muscle tissue. Check out the YouTube clip below to get a better idea of what it does.

I am interested in exploring the utility of the Myo Armband to enhance learning for visually impaired students studying mathematics and statistics. Specifically, by pairing the device with appropriate auditory cues, I would like to determine if students with visual impairments can better mentally visualize, comprehend, and manipulate data, charts, and graphs – key items in both the mathematics and statistics curriculum.

This summer, an Undergraduate Research Assistant will work with me to learn the Myo Armband API. The student will develop a program that will 1) create random data or mathematical surfaces, 2) provide auditory cues indicating when the user is in the data-space, and 3) measure the ability of the user to determine characteristics of the data-space.

If you are interested in applying for this position, click here to first check your eligibility. Application forms can be found here.


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