Farm To Fork – An Update

F2F Badge MicroryzaWhat a difference a few weeks makes.

In the past few weeks, Beni and Lee-Jay – the two senior undergraduate students who have been madly working away on the Farm To Fork project – presented at DemoCampGuelph21 at the eBar downtown. The response was fantastic. As Lee-Jay put it, Farm To Fork is “about making Guelph more awesome.” The crowd clearly seemed to agree.

Only one day later, Lee-Jay and Beni were presenting again, this time in front of the School of Computer Science and the Guelph Wellington Food Access Working Group. The presentation balanced the technical side of the project with the community side. Again, the project was very well received.

Fast forward a few days and the team were interviewed twice. In the first case for the University of Guelph‘s at Guelph online magazine. That interview led to the article that can be found here. The second interview took place on Wednesday April 17th, part of CFRU 93.3’s program known as Cornucopia. The full interview can be found here (simply click on the episode from April 17).

Tomorrow I’ll be joining Danny Williamson at IgniteGuelph to talk about the things we learned during the various stages of Farm To Fork, and how those lessons are essential to anyone who wants to know How to Save the Universe.

And next week – May 1 to be exact – I’ll be chatting at the Teaching and Learning Innovations conference about Farm To Fork, and how community engaged scholarship works in a computer science classroom. I’ve also been invited to join the conference panel “Alternative Pedagogies: Learning through Community Engaged Research Partnerships.” I’ll be joined by my former student and Farm To Fork developer Danielle Fudger.

All this, and the summer semester hasn’t even started yet!



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