Farm To Fork – The Next Steps


About two weeks ago I wrote about the Farm To Fork project and the amazing work of the students in CIS3750 and CIS4900.

Today we begin the next phase of the project. Specifically, we have started a fund-raising campaign (which will run April 1 through May 19) via the crowdsourcing website known as Microryza.

Our goal is to raise $15000 to help pay for several undergraduate research assistant positions, to buy a new server, and to cover the costs associated with sending two of the senior undergraduate students to the Community University Expo this June.

Why is it important to raise this money? It’s important because we want to make sure this project launches successfully. It’s important because we know this project can and will improve the lives of people in our community who, at one time or another, rely on services of the food banks and food pantries. It’s important because every person deserves a nutritious and healthy meal. It’s important because we can make a difference.

If you are able to contribute, please do so. If you can’t, please share this campaign with people you know. Every dollar counts.


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