URA Position Available: Leap Into Education

URA Position Available

Happy 2013 everyone. I can’t believe we’re already in week 2 of the Winter 2013 semester. Time flies!

For those interested, I am looking to hire an undergraduate research assistant for the summer semester of 2013 to help me evaluate the soon-to-be-released Leap Motion interface for use in teaching and education. The project is described below:

Developed over the past several years, the Leap Motion controller has pushed the boundaries of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Inspired by science fiction television and movies (such as Star Trek and Minority Report), the Leap Motion controller allows users to interact with a computer using hand gestures and finger movements. The controller – a small device – sits in front of the computer and allows the user to interact with the system using the 3 dimensional space above it. I am interested in exploring the impact of this technology on the classroom experience, including proof of concepts and insight on how instructors might best use these technologies. This summer, an Undergraduate Research Assistant will work with me to learn the Leap Motion API, and then explore technology-facilitated teaching techniques. This may include the possibility of Leap Motion based tutorials, demonstrations, or educational based games.

There are certain eligibility requirements that need to be met by any student who applies for the position. Details can be found here.

For those of you who wish to apply, follow the instructions on the URA Program website (via Student Financial Services). The official position listing can be found here.

I expect to conduct interviews between February 6 and 15.

For those not familiar with the Leap Motion device, check out the embedded YouTube clip below.


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