Science And Engineering Sunday 2012

SciEng Sunday 2012

I spent a good part of my morning and early afternoon on campus for the University of Guelph’s Science and Engineering Sunday.

In short, Science and Engineering Sunday is a day when high school students considering Guelph for their university education can meet students, staff, and faculty while learning about the respective programs that might interest them. It’s sort of like the Ontario University Fair, but specific to the University of Guelph.

Earlier in the week I was asked if I could volunteer some time. I didn’t hesitate. Based on my experience at the Ontario University Fair, this was an easy decision. Getting to meet prospective students is fantastic, especially when I have the opportunity to talk to them and their parents, figure out what interests them, and offer any sort of knowledge or advice I may have about the University of Guelph, the School of Computer Science, or any of the many things that happen when one comes to UofG. It’s always fun meeting new people, and it’s definitely energizing to chat with the young minds who might soon be sitting in one of my classes.

I think the biggest treat of the day was that I was reintroduced to a student whom I met at the Ontario University Fair. Then we had chatted about the various programs offered by the School of Computer Science, which of those might be the best for him, and what the UofG had to offer in general. Today he brought a friend who was also interested in Computer Science.

After the three of us talked shop, we spent a bit of time talking about campus life in general. While this type of information can be given to students at the Ontario University Fair, it’s far easier to explain campus life when one is on campus. Today, for example, I was able to direct them to the new Pathobiology building so that they could take some time perusing the hall of pathobiological oddities. While this has nothing to do with Computer Science, I think it is part of what makes Guelph unique.

Whether or not these particular students opt to come to Guelph next September remains to be seen. But I hope they at least left Guelph realizing that life here is pretty amazing.



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