Open Access Week

Open Access

A few weeks ago my CIS3750 class had the pleasure of hosting a guest speaker from the law firm of Bereskin & Parr. The presentation – given by Stanley Khaing of B&P, and organized by Dr. Haridoss Sarma, Industry Liason Officer in the Catalyst Centre at the University of Guelph – was the first in a series of presentations this semester put on by the Catalyst Centre about Intellectual Property (IP), IP rights, and the Open Access movement.

The series of presentations continue during the week of October 22 – 28, 2012 as part of International Open Access Week.

The week will include noon hour workshops in the library, as well as the following scheduled talks (to be held on October 22, 23, and 24 in library room 384):

  • Carys Craig’s Of Rights, Relations and Rationales: Some Reflections on Copyright in Canada (at 1pm),
  • Dr. Victoria Henson-Apollonio’s Intellectual property management to support innovation systems: Setting the site at the global level (at 10am), and
  • Kent Mewhort’s Creative Commons Canada Initiatives & CC Licensing (at 10am).

For more information, check out this link, or this poster.


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