You Don’t Look A Day Over 20


Left to Right: Deb Stacey (former Director of the SoCS), me, Stefan Kremer (current Director of the SoCS), and Judi McCuaig at the 40th Anniversary Celebration. Photo by Blair Nonnecke.

Yesterday the School of Computer Science (SoCS) celebrated its 40th anniversary.

While I have only been faculty in the SoCS since January of 2011, I’ve actually had a connection to the school since 1994. Specifically, it was way back in 1994 that I began my university career at the University of Guelph. And at that time, I had started my degree as a computer science major.

Over the course of my undergraduate training my interests bounced around; physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, computer science. Ultimately I ended up transferring into an Honours Mathematics degree. After that I finished my Masters in Mathematics, and then my PhD in Statistics. If you’d have told me back in 1994 that I’d end up back where I started I probably wouldn’t have believed it. It’s weird how life works sometimes. It’s even weirder how at home I feel in the SoCS.

Thinking back I am very grateful that I decided to take those first few courses in the SoCS. They have helped me out immensely. In fact, if not for those courses my PhD would have been a lot different. I would likely not have used C to code the algorithms necessary for the multivariate spatial poisson mixture models that I had developed. Instead, I would have worked in R – which isn’t a problem per se – but the results would have taken far longer to compute. Weeks longer to be honest.

Anyway, the anniversary celebration was a lot of fun – filled with stories from former faculty, chairs/directors, alumni, and even current students. It was great to see so many people out to celebrate the successes of the school. I look forward to what the next several years and even decades might bring.

Happy 40th SoCS! Here’s to another successful 40 years.



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