A Sad Day

Count Von Count

I was very saddened today to learn that the puppeteer of Sesame Street‘s Count Von Count – Jerry Nelson – died yesterday. While I didn’t know Jerry Nelson personally, I knew his work.

The Count, and by extension Jerry, made mathematics fun. They encouraged me to think about  patterns, and to see the beauty of the world through numbers. And that I did; keeping myself awake at night thinking about patterns and equations and multiplication tables, and ultimately ending up studying Mathematics and Statistics in University. I remember reading and re-reading my Sesame Street books as a kid – and specifically wearing out The Count’s book in particular. I’m sure my leanings towards math were present from birth, but The Count pushed me even more so in that direction.

RIP Mr. Nelson. Thank you for giving this math nerd The Count. I can’t begin to explain how important he was to me as a child, nor where I might be today if not for your encouragement and infectious love of numbers.


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