And Just Like That The Party Ends

All good things must come to an end.

After 3 days of poster sessions, invited talks, and contributed presentations, the 40th Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada has come to a close. The event, as far as I could tell, was a great success. I believe – at least at last count – more than 500 people attended. That’s a lot of brain power in one location.

Next year the Annual Meeting will be held in Edmonton, Alberta – continuing the tradition of moving from east to central to west and back again. I’ve already chatted with some friends and colleagues about making the trip.

I’d like to throw out a huge thank you to Brian Allen and to the team of faculty he had working with him to make this thing happen1,2. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the Local Arrangements Committee, but my contributions ended at the website, Facebook, and the Twitter. That is, my job was far easier than what everyone else had to do. I did not have to coordinate rooms, deal with hotel bookings, arrange food, music, lighting, computers, wireless access, and a slew of many other things. How Brian and his team managed to pull this off is amazing to me. Thanks to everyone on the team – the conference was a great success and that is due to all of your efforts.

I’ll see everyone next year in Edmonton!

1 In alphabetical order:

  • Ayesha Ali,
  • Brian Allen,
  • Jeremy Balka,
  • Ryan Browne,
  • Gerarda Darlington,
  • Rob Deardon,
  • Zeny Feng,
  • Dan Gillis,
  • Julie Horrocks,
  • Paul McNicholas, and
  • Gary Umphrey

2 There were also a slew of graduate and undergraduate students who volunteered time and energy, and without them the success of the Annual Meeting would have been severely hampered. They were, in alphabetical order:

  • Jeff Andrews,
  • Longyao Cai,
  • Liam Callaghan,
  • Jessica Connolly,
  • Sanjeena Dang,
  • Utkarsh Dang,
  • Brian Franczak,
  • Rachel O’Reilly,
  • Tatiana Petukhova,
  • Shaun Pinder,
  • Gyanendra Pokharel,
  • Anas Ramadan,
  • Matt Rueffer,
  • Mateen Shaikh,
  • Irene Vrbik,
  • Weiqiang Wang,
  • Monica Wong, and
  • Xin (Cindy) Xin

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