Calculus – It’s What’s For Dinner

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Yesterday, while out having dinner with my friends Sean and Bang, the conversation turned nerdy. Specifically, the conversation turned to mathematics. More specifically – Calculus.

Don’t misunderstand – we weren’t sitting at the dinner table taking derivatives or calculating integrals – although that would have been perfectly fine in my book. Instead, we were chatting about Calculus and limericks.

At this point I feel that I should inform you that I have never, in all of my years of studying mathematics and statistics, heard of Calculus limericks. At least, none like the limerick I’m about to present to you. I have heard of certain math based rhymes such as the math cheer:

Sine! Sine! Cosine! Sine!

Three point one four one five nine!

Derivative to the left!

Derivative to the right!



Fight! Fight! Fight!

But limericks? No.

After learning of this particular limerick (shown below) – which I might add is mathematically valid – I felt compelled to share it here. If you know of any others, please, please, please let me know. These are too much fun not to share; especially to my undergraduate classes.

Without further ado, here is the Calculus limerick that I learned last night. Thanks to Sean for bringing this gem to me.

\left(\displaystyle{\int_{1}^{\sqrt[3]{3}}}t^{2}dt\right)\times\cos{\left(\frac{3\pi}{9}\right)} = \log{\left(\sqrt[3]{e}\right)}

The limerick reads:

The integral of t squared dt
From one to the cube root of three
Times the cosine of three pi over nine
Equals log1 of the cube root of e.

1 Here we assume that log is the natural logarithm.


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