Congratulations Dr. Gregorio

And just like that, my friend Dominic has finished his Doctoral degree from the University of Southern California. He is now officially Dr. Gregorio – Doctor of Musical Arts.

Before entering the DMA program, Dr. Dom received his BA from the University of Guelph, studied orchestral conducting at the Vienna University of Music, and earned a triple – yes triple – Masters degree in choral conducting, voice performance, and music history from Temple University in Philadelphia.

On top of finishing his Doctorate, the newly minted Dr. Gregorio has also landed himself the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Regina. While it’ll be sad to see him go, I know that he’s going to be amazing in his new position because he breathes spirit and life into everything he does. I have no doubt that he’ll do amazing things in Regina, and I have no doubt that he’ll do amazing things with the students that study under him.

Congratulations Dr. Gregorio. I’m so incredibly proud of you.


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