Something’s Fishy II

As promised yesterday, here is the Prezi that I used today as part of the BIOM&S Seminar Series talk that I gave in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

In case you were wondering how I’ve been embedding my Prezis into my WordPress posts, simply follow these instructions.

  1. Copy the following code into the post (via the HTML editor).
  2. Log in to and select the Prezi you want to embed.
  3. Click the Share button.
  4. Click the Viewing tab.
  5. Click the Embed option.
  6. Within the Embed code, you’ll find a string that begins with “prezi_id=”. Copy the code that follows this string (up to, but not including the & string).
  7. Replace the PREZI_CODE with the code that was copied in step 6.
  8. Update the width and height accordingly.

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