Something’s Fishy

Something's Fishy: February, 28, in the Science Complex room 1504 from 2:30-3:30

Tomorrow I will be speaking as part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics BIOM&S Seminar Series.

The talk – an invite from Dr. Julie Horrocks – will include a summary of my current research program and some of the preliminary findings that I have to date. It won’t be overly technical in any way – more of an overview of where my work is going and the questions that I’m attempting to answer.

For those interested, the abstract of the talk is provided below.

As usual, I’ve put together my presentation using the Prezi software. In fact, I spent a rather significant portion of my day ensuring that the presentation was exactly how I wanted it. Sadly, I’m sitting here waiting for to come back online. The servers are suddenly down, and as such I have no way of editing or even viewing my presentation. While this is a most unfortunate turn of events, I’m going to hope that the servers are back online soon.

And lo and behold – I just checked the site again and things seem to be back up and running. I should probably take this as a lesson to save a copy of the work to my hard drive sooner rather than later. Or perhaps I should just cough up the cash to get the offline Prezi editor 🙂

I’ll post the presentation tomorrow after the talk, in case you might want to see what I’m up to.


Abstract: In this talk I will present several ongoing challenges related to the assessment of biological populations in the waters of Lake Huron. The problems include estimation of the health and abundance of species, estimation of individual, sub-population, and population level parameters, as well as estimating the cumulative effects of anthropogenic sources of mortality. Current methods of assessment will be presented. The talk will conclude with a discussion of preliminary results from a simulation study investigating Catch Per Unit Effort – a metric used as a surrogate for estimating abundance.


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